5 BRILL Things To Do This Weekend In Jeddah


The weather is on the hotter side now but that’s not stopping Jeddahwis from making full use of the plethora of entertainment options that Jeddah Season has brought to the city. If there’s any place in the country that you should be visiting this summer then it’s definitely Jeddah as there are shedloads of things to do.

1. Go On A Safari At Jeddah Jungle

Jeddah didn’t have a zoo for the longest time ever but that has changed thanks to Jeddah Jungle. An experience that you definitely don’t want to be missing out on here is the safari. On the safari, you’ll see a variety of wild cats prowling about your vehicle. Just a heads up – they might just as well climb to the roof.

2. Feel The Thrill At Jeddah Pier

One of the newest zones of Jeddah Season is Jeddah Pier and as expected it’s jam-packed and with good reason – it’s got rides that the little ones have been clamoring for all along. The view of the Obhur Creek from the Ferris Wheel is unparalleled – so yes, keep your eyes open.

Pro Tip: Tickets are for half the price on weekdays.

3. Take In The Summer Vibes At Jeddah City Walk

Launching on the same day as Jeddah Pier, the City Walk is giving off Universal CityWalk kind of vibes. City Walk is so massive that it itself is divided into nine separate subzones with each having its own set of activities to keep you entertained. The best part is that children under 12 get a free entry here. Woohoo!


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4. Dig Your Hands In Lamb Chef’s Roast Lamb

Social media influencer-approved Lamb Chef’s Roast Lamb is just the thing you should be getting your hands on this weekend if you haven’t tried it yet. No, it’s not like your traditional mandi, it’s almost like the shawaya chicken you get at the Bukhari restaurants except here that the chicken is replaced by a lamb. YUM!


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5. Have A Cup Of Coffee In A Coconut At 66 Cups

In the gazillions of coffee shops that we have in the city, places offering something new are welcome. 66 Cups has become Instagram’s favourtie child for offering coffee and ice creams in coconuts. That’s just the vibrancy your IG feeds needs.


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