5 Dessert Spots In Jeddah To Enjoy The Sweeter Things In Life

Hera Shabbir

Yearning for sweetness is the ultimate struggle everyone faces at least once a week. Whether it’s a freshly made donut, mouth-watering chocolate waffles, or even just a sweet pastry, you’ll definitely have to answer these cravings. Jeddah is full of a bunch of different places that can help you enjoy a sweeter moment, but these 5 spots are definitely toppers. Scroll through and keep this list handy the next time you’d like to make your day extra sweet.

5. Indulge in themed-baked goods from Lily‘s Bakery

This spot is known to have the cutest little treats that are themed! Grab a gingerbread man on top of your hot drink, or try out their Eid cake pops that are perfect for the special holiday. These guys have a little something for you, on every special occasion.


4. Take pictures of your yummy treats from The Pink Camel

If you’re looking to make your special occasions a little extra yummy and special, then this place should be a number one pic for you!

3. Enjoy Tiny House’s mouth-watering waffles and pancakes 

If you’re a sucker for pancakes and waffles, then this place should be in your favorites list ASAP. Their collection of mini-pancakes will have you upgrading your breakfast game. They even DRENCH their waffles in any sauce you like from chocolate, lotus, kinder, to SO many more!

2. Treat yourself to some yummy donuts from Dots 

If the first thing that comes to mind when thinking dessert is donuts, then Dots is definitely the place for you. And they’re not your typical boring glazed donuts types, but actually have the coolest selection of sweet n heavy donuts that will have you sitting with a smile once finished!

1. Try out Jeddah’s best Crolls from It Caffe 

This is the chance for you to try out the viral crolls that are being posted all over social media. It Caffe brings you a collection of chocolate, pistachio, and many other crolls that will have you feeling absolutely satisfied.


Enjoy all the yummy moments, and tag #lovinjeddah on all your sweet adventures!



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