5 French Restaurants In Jeddah Where Benzema Would Feel Right At Home

Hera Shabbir

Benzema is finally living in Jeddah now and will definitely feel a big change coming from Europe! The city has so much to offer in terms of attractions, restaurants, and French delicacies that Ittihad’s new player would definitely enjoy. These five restaurants are a few of many that has th most authentic French dishes that would make Benzema feel like he never left his hometown!

5. Le Traiteur Restaurant

Le Traiteur Restaurant Jedddah

This elegant spot walks you right into Paris, France with its rustic theme, amazing food, and authentic French decor that will make you feel like you’re sitting right in front of the Champs-Élysées. Benzema will definitely get over any homesick feeling during his time in Saudi Arabia, because this place brought France right to him!

4. La Grande Maison

La Grande Maison Jeddah

This place has totally aced French cuisine, and will take your taste buds for a ride with their various dishes. Many visitors have given this place a 10/10 for their luxurious setting and delicious food. La Grande Maison would definitely have Benzema taking pictures of his meal the whole time because this spot is ELITE when it comes to presentation.

3. PAUL Bakery & Restaurant

Paul Jeddah

PAUL is a general favorite when it comes to French cuisine. Their amazing selection of bread, freshly baked pastries, and delicious brew all create the perfect French experience. Benzema should definitely pick this spot as number one for his afternoon coffee or when he’s craving some fresh tarts that he would get back home.

2. Brioché

This place is definitely a spot to pick if you have a major sweet tooth. They have the yummiest Brioche bread that will have you loaded on carbs. From French Toast, to delicious sandwiches, to even just toasted bread to spread some jam on, Benzema might just be coming here for breakfast!

1. Angelina

This spot is also a MAJOR fav when it comes to tea time in Jeddah. Their delicious selection of desserts and breakfast delights will definitely have you waking up early! Benzema might just come here for his afternoon coffee with some friends to munch on their delicious desserts.

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