5 Hidden Spots In Asir That The Tourist Guides Don’t Show You


Asir, with its lush valleys and majestic mountains, is a gem that keeps pulling you back for more. But if you’ve ticked off the usual suspects: Basta Village, Jabal Souda, and the Rijal Alma, Well, fret not, as the place is home to dozens of underrated gems, and here are the best of them.

1. Mount Kodumbul

This majestic peak sits proudly on an island just off the coast, whispering promises of epic views. Thankfully, it doesn’t require some crazy Robinson Crusoe-style adventure to reach the top. There are stairs, people! Stairs that lead you all the way up to a panorama that’ll leave you speechless.

2. Historical Area Of Tanomah

While Tanomah may be famous for its crags that are perfect for rock climbers, there’s also another side to the small town—its historic one. Here you’ll come across houses upon houses built in the unique Asiri architecture. Go ahead and get lost in its cobbled alleys.


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3. Watan Amsoudah Village

How is this place not crawling with tourists? This historic village is a stone’s throw away from the mega-popular Jabal Souda. Think of it as a mini-Rijal Alma, perched impossibly high in the mountains (it might even be the highest inhabited place in the country!).

4. Ottoman Bridge

The Ottoman Bridge is a masterpiece of engineering, standing tall for over a century. It’s a testament to Asir’s rich heritage and the skill of those who built it. Take a walk across it, appreciate the craftsmanship, and maybe snag a photo. Bonus points if you can get a shot from the middle of the bridge!

5. Al-Qahma Mangroves

Al-Qahma has a beach, sure. A nice beach, even. But who knew about the mangroves? Yep, you read that right—there are mangroves in Saudi Arabia! Rent a boat from the pier and navigate through this diverse eco-system that makes for a perfect mini-adventure.


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