5 Items You Probably Didn’t Know You Needed For Fashion Emergencies


Fashion emergencies are rough, so we bet you didn’t know you needed these 5 items for a quick-fix.

In 2021, being stylish means making use of what you have and figuring out ways in which you can extend the lifeline of any outfit.

Why? because sustainability isn’t just a trendy term but an actual necessity.

Sort out your closet (and future blunders) with these incredible hacks

5. No need to worry about buying a belt that doesn’t fit properly, thanks to this puncher

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4. You reap what you sew- learn how to sew so you can fix up buttons and avoid paying those tailor rates

YouTube’s around for a reason, people, and with a handy dandy sewing kit like this one- there’s no reason to ever stress.

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3. Don’t throw out your jacket just yet- you can that annoying cloth fuzz with a lint remover

2. Hairspray is the solution to all our dilemmas: like gum on clothes or slippery shoes

The Every Girl hooked it up with this incredible hack, use hairspray to temporarily grip your heel into a slippery shoe- just spray a little on the sole of your foot then pop your shoe in!

Or how about those annoying moments when you accidentally sit on a surcface that had gum on it? Ugh, well hairspray is also a quick-fix, spray and scrape off and you’re done.

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1. Gel deodorant so you can survive those painful high heels longer

Your favourite pair of heels look stunning but you know you always end up in pain after an hour of wearing them.

Try rubbing gel deodorant and wipe it over your blisters or wherever it hurts for some temporary comfort. Fingers crossed.

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