5 Myths About Saudi That You Need To Stop Believing In Right Now


What’s written in the media about Saudi Arabia honestly can be nauseating at times to read, any betterment is also treated with skepticism – leave alone those conspiracy theory sites that many take to be hard facts. This all has contributed to many myths around Saudi and it was about time that they were debunked. Read on.

1. Saudi Arabia Is The World’s Largest Producer Of Dates

Sorry to break it to you, but Egypt takes top spot as the largest producer of dates in the world. But Saudi production too is massive, accounting for 17% of global production, ranking Saudi Arabia second on the globe, according to a 2020 news report.


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2. Saudi Arabia Has The Largest Oil Reserves

Saudi Arabia is always in the news for its oil, but Saudi Arabia neither has the largest oil reserves nor does it produce the most oil. It’s not even on number 2 on the latter list; it’s actually number 3 in oil production. Yikes!
It does, however, export more than any other country in the world.

3. Wearing A Hijab Is Mandatory

For the nth time, no, it’s not!

4. Saudis Have Way Too Many Kids

Actually, no. The TFR (total fertility rate), which is basically the number of kids every woman has, is 2.2, and it’s dropping. It may drop to well below the replacement level within the next 5 years as per the UN body’s projections; this means that eventually the population will start to decline (if there is no migration).

5. It’s Impossible To Get Saudi Citizenship

Contrary to popular belief, Saudi Arabia does grant citizenship. A recent Royal Decree has further paved the way for highly skilled foreigners specialising in legal, medical, scientific, cultural, sporting, and technological fields to obtain Saudi citizenship. Many have even received their Saudi passports under this recent decree.


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