5 Of The Best Iftars In Jeddah You Definitely Need To Try


On the hunt for an unforgettable Iftar experience in Jeddah? Look no further! With buffets stealing the limelight during Ramadan, several restaurants in the city that generally don’t serve buffets have flipped the script and are now serving elaborate buffets. If you’re unsure of where to head for your next iftar, this list can help.

1. Labeeb Casual

You just can’t go wrong with Lebanese food for iftar, and Labeeb already has a reputation for being one of the best Lebanese restaurants in town. Their Marwa branch has an iftar buffet for SR 99, and the Tahlia one has it for SR 125.


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2. Marsa Ahlam

Tired of the same ole’ Ramadan staples? Then this is the place you ought to be. Prepare yourself for a seafood iftar! Feast your eyes on breathtaking views of the Red Sea while savoring a diverse spread of maritime delights. At SR 119 for adults and SR 70 for kids, it’s a feast worth every riyal.

3. Keiken

Japanese restaurant Keiken is serving up a lot of things that it normally doesn’t just for Ramadan. It’s like you’ve got the usual Ramadan staples, but then you’ve also got some fine Japanese fare to dig into. The combo is a winner all the way. The iftar buffet here is priced at SR 149.


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4. Zahr Rumman

Zahr Rumman will wow you with the sheer amount of variety that its buffet has. It’s like a surprise is waiting in each of those chafing dishes. Prices start at SR 180.

5. Ugur

For a taste of authentic Central Asian cuisine, look no further than Ugur. Prepare to be dazzled by a delightful iftar spread that pays homage to Bukhari flavors. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on taste. With a price tag of SR 85, it is light on the wallet but is pretty amazing on the palate—it’s a win-win!


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