5 Of The Best Things To Do In Jeddah At Night


Unlike many places that hit the snooze button at night, Jeddah is almost the complete opposite of that. The city almost wakes up at night, and as expected for a city like this, the number of things to do actually goes up, up, up.
Here’s your guide to the best things to do in Jeddah after the sun goes down below the horizon.

1. Roll With The Food Truck Vibes

Dive into Jeddah’s buzzing food truck scene. These mobile kitchens dish out everything from savoury shawarma to lesser-known treats from remote areas of the kingdom, creating a street food haven that’s perfect for those late-night cravings.


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2. Experience Al-Balad’s Magic At Night

If you thought Al-Balad was charming during the day, wait until you see it at night. Wander through its narrow lanes that are aglow with soft lights, creating a sight that’s almost as if it were made for the ‘gram.


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3. Watch The King Fahd Fountain In All Its Glory

No trip to Jeddah is complete without witnessing the King Fahd Fountain. As night falls, the fountain lights up in white, creating a stark contrast with the dark night sky.

4. See The Red Sea’s Finest At The Fakieh Aquarium

The Fakieh Aquarium isn’t just for daylight delights. The place is open till 11PM at night! The dolphin shows do end earlier, but nonetheless, you still have loads to see at the aquarium. So go ahead and lose yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world.

5. Experience All Of Asia At The City Walk

The City Walk isn’t open until 5 PM and when its doors do open, they stay open until midnight. Here you’ll get to see all of east Asia in one place, from getting to walk in a Japanese Sakura garden to sampling Korean BBQ—there’s so much to do here that you better not keep any other plans other than this for the night as the place is huge.

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