5 Of The Best Things To Do In Jeddah On Eid 2023


Staying in Jeddah for Eid? Fear not, for the city has plenty in store for you to explore and experience and will keep you busy during the holidays! Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or a culture buff, there’s something for everyone to revel in.

1. Go Fishing In The Red Sea

You can rent a boat from Obhur that will take you deep into the Red Sea. Once anchored here, cast your line into the depths of the Red Sea and reel in a bountiful catch. You’ll be in for a month’s worth of supplies with more to spare in no time—that’s just how rich the waters of the Red Sea are.


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2. Take A Cultural Tour Of The City

Jeddah is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in Arabia, so the city is inundated in culture and history. You can either book guided tours of the city or head out to Al Balad on your own and tread down its maze-like lanes to soak up the stories that those ancient houses in the area have to tell.


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3. Let Your Eyes Feast On Islamic Arts

The Islamic Arts Biennale is ending on April 23, 2023. The size and scale of it are such that nothing like it has ever been seen in Jeddah (or maybe the entire country even). From some of the oldest surviving manuscripts of the Quran to large-scale art installations that will blow you away, there’s just so much on offer. Plus, entry is FREE!


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4. Watch The Sundown At Furusiya Marina

The marina is lined with a slew of upscale cafes, so grab a cuppa and watch the sun go down. If you stay a little longer, you’ll get to see the King Fahd Fountain in its full glory, and the view of the fountain from here is unmatched!

5. Dine At The Food Truck Part In Marwa

An enormous area of empty land right next to the Haramain Highway has been transformed into a food truck park. Whenever you can’t decide on a place to eat out at, make a beeline to Marwa Food Park. From the street food of India like Vada Pav to lesser-known traditional Saudi dishes like Mashgotha from the mountainous south, you’re literally in for a treat. The best part is that no matter who you’re going with, there’s a food truck that you’ll find that’s almost like it were made just for you.


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