5 Reasons You Need To Have Tough Mudder On Your 2024 Bucketlist

Hera Shabbir

5 Reasons You Need To Have Tough Mudder On Your 2024 Bucketlist

Tough Mudder is back for another round of fun challenges and truly testing your grit, persistence, and adrenaline! They have a wide collection of awesome obstacles that will have you jumping, crawling, swinging, and doing all kinds of intense parkour in Jeddah on January 19.

For years, Tough Mudder has made its name around the world taking on places like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Egypt, France, and many more!

These 5 reasons will ready you up for the ultimate start to 2024, with a day full of festivities, excitement, and high-octane adventure!

5 Reasons You Need To Have Tough Mudder On Your 2024 Bucketlist

5. It’s the perfect opportunity to build on your teamwork skills 💪🏻

Tough Mudder is known for its build and emphasis on teamwork. It challenges you to work with others to overcome obstacles on a timely basis, and practice your collaborative skills to achieve a unified goal: TO WIN.

5 Reasons You Need To Have Tough Mudder On Your 2024 Bucketlist

4. It will really take you out of your comfort zone 👏🏻

What better way to walk into the new year than to challenge yourself to something different? Tough Mudder gives you the opportunity to test yourself with its unique challenges and intense obstacles. Previous participants have actually credited the challenge for building their perseverance and teamwork skills, saying it ‘pushed them out of their comfort zone.’

3. It has challenges for all ages! 👍🏻

For Tough Mudder, age is definitely just a number especially when it comes to adventure. The challenge welcomes people in all walks of life including the elderly and even kids! Tough Mudder Jeddah actually has a selection of runs that you can choose from, including a special 1.5km run for the kiddies!

2. The experience is definitely rewarding 🏆

Even if they don’t win, people who have participated in this challenge are always smiling. The adrenaline, opportunity to meet new people and work on your fitness skills leaves everyone happy. Apart from the adrenaline pumping challenges, Tough Mudder is also all about community, coming together with teamwork and overcoming epic obstacles. It’s the perfect chance to feel good about yourself,  unplugging from the daily grind.

1. The tickets are totally affordable! 💰

Considering how the challenge has a bunch of unique challenges that involve climbing, sliding, crawling, running, jumping, and SO much more the tickets are absolutely worth it! The 10 kilometer race with over 20 obstacles is up for 180 SAR, the 5km with 15+ obstacles is for 140 SAR, and the special adventure race for the little ones with 8+ obstacles is just 60 SAR! That’s definitely a good price to get the chance to challenge yourself, get your fitness in, and enjoy the slips and jumps of a memorable experience!


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