A Cyclist Traveling Through Saudi Couldn’t Stop Praising The Kingdom’s Hospitality And Rich Culture

Hera Shabbir

Traveling to Saudi Arabia is an ongoing dream for many, especially Muslims around the world. The global population of Muslims actually wait to see and visit the religion’s holiest site of Makkah. This was exactly what cyclist Kamran had in mind when stopping by in the Kingdom to fulfill his religious duties. He too joined in other fellow Muslims on a memorable trip to its holy cities of Makkah and Medina.

Kamran is a Pakistani cyclist that is quite famous for his journey around the world

He posts all his travel diaries to over hundred thousand followers that join in on Kamran’s lengthy journey to each spot, via his bicycle! He also posted pictures and stories explaining the passion behind bicycling around the world, and all the unique aspects he picks up on each journey.

Upon his trip to Saudi, Kamran fell in absolute love with the Kingdom’s rich culture

He actually told Arab News that he was taken by the warm hospitality of people in Saudi Arabia. During a stopover through the Rub’ al Khali desert, the cyclist struggled to find shade and water for several kilometers. However, to his surprise Kamran mentioned how a group of locals in the area checked in on him, provided food and water, and extended an invitation to rest in their home. He also mentioned that although he’s traveled across 46 different countries, he wasn’t able to find such generosity and kindness anywhere in the world.  Kamran told Arab News, “I was astonished because such acts of kindness are often only read about in books, but this actually happened in Saudi Arabia.”

He explored different areas around AlUla as well!

Kamran posted these pictures of AlUla’s Buraikah Rocks that are known for their unique formations. The cyclist described the area as waking up to Mars!

Here’s the special moment his trip lead him up to: completing Umrah in Makkah

Kamran mentioned that the whole inspiration behind this lengthy trip was his mother’s wish to travel to the holy city of Makkah. He fortunately fulfilled the dream in the most unique way. Kamran can now tell memorable stories of his cycling journey to the Kingdom, and spread positivity about the nation through his experience.

Kamran has covered many other countries including the UAE, Argentina, Alaska, Pakistan, Oman, and around 40 more!


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