A Dubai Cyclist Has The Cutest Message For The People Cleaning The Cycle Tracks


Picture this: you, alone, your music on and you’re just biking through Dubai’s scenic views!

If you’ve been cycling in Dubai, you’re sure to know the GORGEOUS cycling tracks the city boasts. But, have you ever stopped to think how the cycling tracks are maintained spick and span?

One Dubai resident paused to think!


Jacqui Liebenberg has the cutest message for the people who strive to keep Dubai’s cycle track clean

Jacqui penned a beautiful note on Facebook as she was chilling on her own on the 83km loop. She said that we (Dubai-aites) are extremely privileged to be able to ride along such beautiful, well-kept tracks.


She also praised the UAE for making women feel safe at any time during the day

In her post, the cyclist said that as a woman she feels free and safe to ride at anytime of the day and as long as she wants, without any fear.

The highlight of the message however was the last bit where she paused to praise the men who strive to keep the the cycling tracks clean. Ain’t that really cute!

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