A Man Has Found A Way To Enter Jeddah Season’s City Walk Zone For Free And It’s Actually GENIUS


City Walk is hands down one of the most popular places in Jeddah Season and huge queues are always seen outside the place waiting to enter. It does require a ticket to enter, but one man has discovered a way around it that is truly GENIUS. He posted how he did it on a popular local Facebook group called Jeddah Eateries.

He not only gained access, but he did it on a weekend when ticket rates are SAR 100 rather than SAR 50. Read how:

There are some concerns with this, as the Diner app clearly mentions that the per-head minimum is SAR 100 on the restaurant that he mentions; so we’re not exactly sure how four people managed to enter as opposed to two as stated in the post.

But nonetheless, it’s a fab idea worth trying as you’re not only entering paying practically the same amount but you’re getting to eat for that as well.


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