A Saudi Artist Creates A Massive Mural In Jeddah Using 500,000 Recycled Plastic Bottle Caps


Visitors to Jeddah’s corniche are being greeted with a massive new mural. Saudi artist Khulood Al-Fadli, together with local environmental organizations and the Jeddah municipality, has created this mural using recycled plastic bottle caps.

After dedicating over eight months of hard work, along with the help of dedicated volunteers, Khulood Al-Fadli unveiled the mural in a vibrant and festive atmosphere last week.

The mural, spanning an impressive area of 383 square meters, symbolizes a “green” Saudi and its commitment to preserving the environment.

The project successfully diverted almost a ton of plastic waste from ending up in landfills. By repurposing approximately 500,000 plastic caps, Khulood Al-Fadli’s eco-mural made a significant impact on reducing plastic pollution.

This mural could eventually bag a Guinness World Record as well.

If it does, it won’t be Al-Fadli’s first, as she already holds the world record for creating the largest world map using plastic water caps, which used 350,000 bottle caps.


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