Al Balad’s Historic Streets Turned Into The Half Marathon Track

Al Balad's Historic Streets Turned Into The Half Marathon Track

Al-Balad, the historic heart of Jeddah, transformed into a runner’s paradise for the Jeddah Half-Marathon 2024! 


Beyond a race, it became a lively celebration of grit, cheers, and history. Over 3,000 participants, ranging from kids to seniors, hit the streets for the 21 km, 10 km, and a breezy 1 km walk, starting the marathon at the iconic Bab Jadid. Famous landmarks like Nassif House and Al-Juffali Mosque turned into pit stops on this cultural fitness journey.


The race had some well-known attendees

Al Balad's Historic Streets Turned Into The Half Marathon Track

Thanks to the Saudi Sports for All Federation and Historic Jeddah Program, this marathon was more than merely breaking a sweat. Anwar Algoz, the Moroccan runner, aced the 21 km, crossing the finish line in just 1 hour and 6 minutes. Major props! Even royalty joined the fun, with Prince Sultan bin Khalid Al-Faisal and Prince Saud bin Turki Al-Faisal soaking in the vibes of historical bliss.


Historic landmarks in Al Balad became pit stops

Al Balad's Historic Streets Turned Into The Half Marathon Track

But wait, there’s more! The marathon arrangements included facilities like medical points, hydration stations, food trucks, and entertainment programs within the race village. Enthusiasm was palpable as top runners from more than 15 countries enjoyed the scenic beauty of the city’s sights while competing. Ola Altaib, a medical student, expressed her happiness at participating in this marathon. “Running through the streets of old Jeddah is an incredibly invigorating experience that is unmatched,” she said.


The triumphant moment for many of the runners was finally crossing the finish line

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At the end of the race, runners were greeted by cheering crowds, and the most thrilling moment for them was crossing the finish line. “Tired but super happy,” said one of the oldest runners, Hamid Al-Ahmri, who came all the way from the southern side of the Kingdom after completing the 10 km category. “I am so glad I made it, and it feels great to cross the finish line.”

The event concluded with the distribution of prizes and medals to the winners and participants. The marathon successfully blended fitness, culture, and community spirit, making it a standout moment in Jeddah’s lively calendar!



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