An Elderly Man Claims To Have Married 53 Women!


A video of a 63-year-old man broke Twitter as he claimed to have been married 53 times in it. The reason: he was searching “for a woman who could make him happy.”

Known as Abu Abdullah, the man has now even been interviewed by Saudi broadcaster MBC.

He said he is currently married to one woman and has no plans to get married again during the interview.

He said, “When I was married for the first time, I had no intention of being married to more than one lady since I was feeling at ease and had kids. However, after some time, issues arose, and at the age of 23, I notified my wife of my intention to remarry.”

Later, he claimed that an argument between his first and second wives led to his third and fourth marriages. The first, second, and third wives, according to Abu Abdullah, were all eventually divorced.

“I wed 53 women over a lengthy period of time. The first time, she was six years older than me, and I was 20,” he recalled.

Abu Abdullah claims to have married foreign ladies while on business trips abroad. “In the past, I would remain for three to four months. I thus got married to shield myself from vice,” he claimed.

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