An Expat Couple Has Been Working At The Holy Mosque For An Outstanding 17 Years!

Hera Shabbir

Sri Lankan couple Ashraf and Fatima have been working in the Grand Mosque of Makkah for the past 17 years

They get the opportunity to see thousands of incoming pilgrims throughout the year and spend most of their time at the holy mosque. They expressed extreme gratitude for being able to be at Islam’s holiest site daily, whilst making a living.

The opportunity to work at the holy site has allowed the couple to preform Umrah on a weekly basis


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The journey initially started with the wife, Fatima coming to work at the mosque back in 2005, under the General Presidency of the holy mosque. As reported by Saudi Gazette, after a few years of working, Fatima chose to take permission from the Haram presidency to bring her husband for the job.

What a beautiful way to spend your time and get your earnings!

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