Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir Takes His Chopping Skills To Higher Levels… LITERALLY


Paramotoring looks like incredible amounts of fun. It’s the perfect time to take pictures, relax, and enjoy the tranquil scenery. But for Burak, food just runs in his blood and so of course he has to include that in his paramotoring journey.

Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir is a notoriously fast veggie chopper but he takes his skills to higher levels and we do mean literally. Surely you know where we’re going with this!

Chef Burak, founder of CZN Burak, is chopping onions and cutting up kunafeh up off the ground in a paramotor

Chef Burak is consistently sharing innovative posts about his passion for food

Who would’ve thought to start chopping onions and cutting up what we KNOW is divine kunafeh, meters off the ground with the wind blowing? Only Chef Burak! In the driver’s seat is Nasser Al Neyadi who is clearly no stranger to thrilling activities.

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Paramotoring does look like fun and you don’t need to practice any cooking skills while you’re up there

The activity is becoming widely available in the region. If you’re looking to take a paramotor for a spin, there are a couple of places in Dubai you can try. It’s approximately AED1200 but SOOOO worth it!


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