Calling All ‘The Office’ Fans! The Hit Show Is OFFICIALLY Getting An Arabic Version With The Coolest Cast

Hera Shabbir

If you’re a fan of this amazing comedy show then stay tuned because it is now OFFICIALLY getting an Arabic version with a whole new cast

‘The Office’ is known to be one of the most hilarious and famous comedy shows in the world, and has made a fanbase of millions. It will now expand its fans to all Arabic speaking audiences as the show is getting a WHOLE new Arabic version. No, this does not mean dubbed in Arabic, but the hit will get a whole new show featuring the coolest cast!

The show will showcase faces like Saleh Abu Amra, Fahad Al-Batiri, Saad Aziz and more

Other cast members include Adwa Fahd, Razan Mansour, Reem Bsati, and Hisham Hawsawi. MBC just announced the great news as OSN had also announced that ‘Suits’ would soon release its Arabic version with a star-studded cast. Hollywood hits are making it big in the Middle East and thanks to these channels, they now get to have a whole new Arabic version. Definitely can’t wait for further detailes to be released!


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