Check Out These AMAZING Pictures Of Millions That Gathered At Makkah’s Holy Mosque For The 27th Of Ramadan

Hera Shabbir

The 27th of Ramadan is a special day for Muslims as they gather for night prayers of Qiyyam and Taraweeh; and the Holy Mosque of Makkah is the best place to do it

Over 4 million people have already preformed Umrah just this Ramadan, as COVID resitrictions eased down this year. With the mosque being closed back in 2020, and strict COVID protocol in 2021, this year’s had the most worshippers on the 27th night after 2 whole years. As people were seen up until outisde the Haram, on the roads, and even completely full on the upper floors, the numbers totaled to more than 2 million.

You can see the beautiful unity of this night in these pictures below, take a look!

You can see people gathering in the afternoon just before the evening prayer to find a spot to pray in the mosque.

This video shows that people were actually out on the roads!

There are soo many people, you can’t even see the floors!

So heartwarming to see the mosque so lit up again


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