Dior Handbags Now Feature Saudi Culture Thanks To This Local Artist

Hera Shabbir

Manal Al-Dowayan is a Saudi artist and mastermind behind Dior’s handbag collections featuring traditional Saudi culture

The Jeddah artist is among the first Saudi, GCC and Arab female designers to feature her designs on the French luxury brand, and decided to represent the beauty of her culture and clothing.


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Al-Dowayan looked to display the traditional and exotic fashion of the Gulf in her Lady Dior collection. Working with the Dior team, Al-Dowayan used 3D printing, leather stitching, embroidery, and black and white photographs to create the masterpieces.

The collection features 3 bags labeled “The Boys,” “Landscape of the Mind,” “Desert Rose” each highlighting her heritage and traditions in a different way

“The Boys” was a special design for the artist as it was inspired by Kodak film slides her father had taken back in 1962. Aside from the designs, the artist also got an opportunity to tell the stories behind her work, through a podcast offered by the brand.

Overall, the artist has beautifully showcased her creative talents whilst representing the richness and beauty in the Kingdom’s culture.

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