Discovery’s Highly Rated Documentary On AlUla Is On YouTube And It Answers A Lot Of Mysteries Surrounding It


You’ll hardly find any good documentary on Saudi anywhere on the net, but we just did stumble upon one and how can we not share anything cool that we just found with you, our dear readers?

The Discovery Channel documentary (available on YouTube BTW), is called ‘The Architects of Ancient Arabia’ and is narrated by none other than Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons. This is the same documentary that’s being aired on the eyebrow-raising flying museum – the flight from Riyadh to AlUla.

The documentary answers a lot of questions about the place including how old some of the sites are, the earliest civilizations in the area and follows teams of leading international and Saudi archeologists as they literally dig into the past.

The documentary has amassed over 6 million views at the time of writing this piece. Now, that’s a very good number for a documentary.

Wait till the end to find out how old AlUla really is – we don’t want to spoil that for you so we’re not going to tell you here. But the answer is somewhat startling. Watch it here:

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