Everyone’s Loving This ‘Alexa Gets You’ Ad Which Showcases Alexa In A Saudi Household

Hera Shabbir

Alexa is a world favorite and is making everyone laugh in Amazon’s latest ‘Alexa Gets You’ ad for Saudi Arabia

This video ad of Alexa in Saudi Arabia has been circulating all over LinkedIn, and people are very happy about it. Alexa is known as one of Amazon’s most famous projects, of a robot-helper that can be given verbal commands. Such include actions of electricity, home safety, research, and even reminders. People in the comments are praising Amazon for properly studying Saudi’s culture and dialect before incoprorating Alexa into their market.

To the users’ surprise, the ad shows Alexa speaking to her owners in the local dialect, showcasing immense knowledge of Saudi culture

In the ad, Alexa even answers the question of which hand you’re supposed to pour Saudi Coffee with. She helps with things like a Friday routine, food orders, and plays local music. This ad impressed many of the viewers, and proved how Amazon is able to diversly represent each culture in Alexa.

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