Famous YouTuber Mark Wiens Totally Hyped Up All Kinds Of Saudi Dishes He Tried On A Recent Trip

Hera Shabbir

If you’re aware of all the food vloggers out there, then Mark Wiens has probably come up on your list. The famous YouTuber has got over 10 MILLION followers on YouTube and 1.7 million on Instagram. Mark was on a visit to the Kingdom a few weeks ago, and tried all kinds of local delicacies. Accompanied by Saudi’s finest food blogger, Hisham Baeshen, Mark posted videos of their foodie adventures in the Kingdom.

Mark firstly praised the iconic Al Baik fried chicken and said it was definitely one of a kind


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This video, which got over 60 thousand likes, shows Mark absolutely indulging into the juicy chicken. He kept zooming in on the fried chicken and mentioned how the rush and crowd of Al Baik reminds him of an auction 😂.

He even tried the traditional fish of Jeddah, known as the ‘Star of the Red Sea’


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Thanks to Hashem Baeshen’s exquisite knowledge about delicious food in the Kingdom, he made sure to take Mark to all the hottest places with the most authentic Saudi foods.

They even went to Mama Noura’s to try their famous shawarma


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Aside from Mark’s adventures of eating in the Kingdom, Mark also got to experience authentic Saudi culture. He also visited the Qaisariah souq, known to be a two-century-old spice market. He was even seen wearing a shemagh!

People in the comments were also all praises when mentioning Saudi cuisine

Let’s just say, the comments passed the vibe 😉


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