Free Bracelets Are Being Given To Children To Prevent Them From Getting Lost At Makkah’s Grand Mosque

Hera Shabbir

With a bunch of pilgrims coming in to spend one of Islam’s holiest months in the capital of the religion, it’s only normal that they witness quite some overcrowding. Makkah’s Grand Mosque is actually expecting to accommodate around 3 MILLION visitors. One of the most important aspects of making sure your Umrah goes smoothly is keeping your children close by. It can be dangerous for the little ones to run around and get lost in the big crowd.

Hadiyah, Hajji and Mu’tamer’s Gift Charitable Association is handing out free contact bracelets to all children at the Grand Mosque

These bracelets feature the name of the child, along with the contact details of a parent/guardian for the children during their trip, that the public may contact on in case of the kids getting lost. These bracelets are provided at the organization’s offices near the Grand Mosque.

One of the offices is located in the main office of the Makkah Construction and Development Company (4th floor) while the other is on the ground floor of the King Abdulaziz Endowment.


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