Here Are 5 Of The Best Places In Jeddah To Watch The FIFA World Cup

Hera Shabbir

The Qatar FIFA World Cup kicked off last night and the matches have officially begun. People flocked the stadiums to witness the Middle East’s first FIFA World Cup and it was phenomenal. However, for those of you who aren’t at the stadiums, these 5 places in and around Jeddah will definitely enhance your viewing experience.


Dress in your team’s colors and head on over to these 5 spots in Jeddah

From a colorful ambiance, sporty vibe, to even a delicious menu to accompany the suspenseful feelings, these spots are perfect for you and the squad to watch all the FIFA matches. Enjoy the whole football season by hopping through this list of FIFA hotspots in the area, and see which one’s your favorite.

5. Belajio Resort

This place has got great reviews for food, drinks, shisha, and ambiance for all footie-lovers. With both an indoor and outdoor seating, pick whatever fits your mood and cheer on your team.

4. Buffalo Wild Wings


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Wild Wings is definitely a popular favorite when it comes to sports. Indulge in some delicious wings with friends and munch on during halftime at this local favorite.

3. Sky Lounge

Located at Novotel hotel, this place is a must visit if you’re looking to watch the games on the big screen. The cafe even has an awesome dining area with sofas, overlooking their swimming pool. Take some cool pics of your experience at this place because you definitely won’t just be watching football here.


2. Chill Lounge

This spot is perfect to get into the football mood with an amazing selection of food including burgers, hotdogs, and fries. Munch with friends at this spot as the ambiance creates the perfect environment to socialize with fellow footie-lovers.

1. The Sandwich Gallery


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This place is definitely the number one spot to munch on a burger while watching the fames. Enjoy a delicious meal while accompanied by friends at this awesome cafe. Best part is, each sandwich features a different taste from around the world, so you can literally order the dish of the country your supporting! Make sure to take pictures during half-time because the aesthetic is also amazing.


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