Here Are 7 24-Hour Cafés Perfect For Your Night Out In Jeddah

Here Are 7 24-Hour Cafés Perfect For Your Night Out In Jeddah

Nothing says summer vacation like a night out with friends, cafe hopping around the city

Jeddah is home to many different spots to grab some delicious bites, however, not all of them operate 24/7. This list is for those looking for a nice night out by the beach, and a quick grub at 3 A.M. with friends. Scroll down below for a list of seven cafe’s around the city that operate 24/7 for all your midnight cravings.


1. 65 Degrees

This place has the coolest selection of drinks and delicious desserts. Grab a cinnamon latte accompanied by a delicious slice of honey cake. Best part is, you can even take their brew home as they sell a wide selection of coffee beans at the counter.

2. Retro7

This famous coffee spot serves up a wide selection of caffeine, perfect for the late-night cravings. In the mood for breakfast at midnight? They even offer mouth-watering pancakes and waffles!

3. Key Coffee

If you’re a fan of different flavors, check out their Saffron latte which looks absolutely delightful. They even mix up KitKat, Malteasers, and Kinder in their drinks, perfect for all the chocolate lovers.

4. Baristas Cafe

If you’re in the mood for tradition, then this cafe is definitely the perfect midnight escape. It serves up all the Saudi tradition with the vibes, theme, and coffee.

5. CAF

This place is a local favorite for its unique blends an speciality coffee. They even give mini-bottles of 20 drinks for take-away, perfect for when you and your friends are on the road.

6. Makan

This one’s for the foodies looking for a yummy bite on their night out. Makan is a restaurant that offers a delicious menu of meat and pasta, perfect to fill your tummies before a night of fun.

7. MA Cafe

This place is for those looking for a quick dessert along with a delicious drink for the road. They serve up a BUNCH of delightful cakes and the coolest selection of both cold and hot drinks.

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