Here’s Everything That You Need To Know Before Heading To Jeddah’s Jungle Land


Jeddah Jungle has been one zone most of us here in Jeddah have been waiting for with bated breath. There has been a lot of hype pre-opening as it was claimed that it would be the largest zoo in the country. Jeddah Jungle finally has opened and here’s everything it has.

The place is home to 1,000 species of wild creatures and more than 200 species of rare birds.


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The dedicated elephant enclosure is a major attraction here.


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You have the option of three unique experiences here, first up there’s the SAR50 ticket that gives you access to the zoo and the other entertainment areas.

Then there’s the Jungle Trek where you’ll walk through pathways coming across exotic animals on the way that’s priced at SAR100.

Lastly, there’s the pricier Safari where you get to travel in a bus that’s priced at SAR150. You can also go in a private jeep on the safari but that’s priced at SAR2,000 for a maximum of four persons in one vehicle.

Just giving you a heads up – you’ll have wild cats all around your vehicle in the safari.


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Live events and performances, as well as creative workshops for kids, are on the cards here.

And that’s not all: there’s bungee jumping, paintball, archery, go-karting, and so much more inside!

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