Here’s Why Al Baha’s Marble Village Is The Most Beautiful Escape This Summer

Hera Shabbir

One of Al Baha’s best kept secrets is the Dhee Ayn Marble Village which takes you on a magical journey

The little village, also known as Aqabat al-Baha, has some major rich history. Its polished stones date back to the 8th century, giving it a beautiful marble-look. It’s unique architecture and beautiful lighting invites thousands of tourists yearly. There’s also a fresh water spring located nearby, giving the village some cool gushes of wind.

Almost over 400 years old, these structures are set atop a beautiful hill, giving it the absolute fairytale look

This spot is definitely the best destination for the summer, as temperatures in Al-Baha are averaging to 23 degrees celcius these days. So, if you’re looking to escape the heat to a place where you can take some cool pictures, pack your bags and drive on over to this awesome attraction.

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