Jeddah Celebrates Remarkable Talent By Honoring the Kingdom Photography Award Winners


The 2nd edition of the Kingdom Photography Award revealed its esteemed winners right in the heart of Jeddah!

Saudi’s Visual Arts Commission under the Ministry of Culture threw a ceremonial bash for the Kingdom Photography Award, at the iconic Hayy Jameel in Jeddah. Folks from all corners of the photo world joined the party, including fresh faces, professional learners, and seasoned pros. Everyone bought out their best work, and after some thought-out evaluations, five-top notch entries snagged the spotlight as winners!

Jeddah Celebrates Remarkable Talent

Five diverse narratives showcased through the lens

Jeddah Celebrates Remarkable Talent By Honoring the Kingdom Photography Award Winners

Meet the impressive lineup of winners who stood out from the crowd. Abdullah Al-Shaikh’s “I’m from this Land” explores Al-Ahsa Oasis, while Amnah Al-Haik’s “The Women from Al-Qatif” takes on urban life. Nather Al-Syf’s “Ibrahim Almilad – Life in Colors” dives into artistic life in Qatif. Mohammed Al-Jerabi’s “Saudi Symphony” blends time and art in Riyadh, and Zuhair Al-Traifi’s “Ain Al-Jawhariya” captures Al-Ahsa’s spring.

Jeddah Celebrates Remarkable Talent

The winning artists received much-deserved cash prizes 


Each winning artists was rewarded with swanky cash prizes and vouchers valued at a whopping SR40,000 ($10,600)! The CEO of the Visual Arts Commission was super excited for the winning superstars,  highlighting the Kingdom Photography Award’s role in discovering new talent and fostering growth in Saudi Arabia’s visual arts sector!

Jeddah Celebrates Remarkable Talent

The award-winning artworks are currently showcased at the Hayy Jameel exhibition


These extraordinary artworks are stealing the show until March 2 at the “Al-Hasa Hassana” exhibition in the lively Hayy Jameel. It’s not just an art display – it’s a front-row seat to the genius of professional photographers. But that’s not all – they’ve even got engaging panel talks and hands-on workshops lined up. It’s not your average exhibition; it’s an immersive experience that’ll have you walking in the shoes of these incredible photographers.

The Kingdom Photography Award’s 2nd edition not only unveiled extraordinary narratives but also ignited a celebration of Saudi Visual Arts – where Saudi’s diverse perspectives and creative brilliance is taking center stage!


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