Jeddah Gets The Kingdom’s First Independent Cinema


Hayy Jameel has made a name for itself as one of the finest art destinations in the country, and with the addition of the country’s first independent cinema, it just gave art lovers all the more reasons to visit it. That cinema was made open to the public this week.

Hayy Cinema comprises a 168-seat main theatre and a 30-seat community screening room.

The opening coincided with the first anniversary of Hayy Jameel.

The cinema will definitely give a major boost to independent and art films in the country.

Hayy Cinema will hold prestigious film festivals for all tastes, including those for kids, as part of its year-round programming, which will showcase Saudi and foreign films, shorts and documentaries.

If you happen to visit the cinema soon, don’t forget to check out the archival exhibition that highlights renowned photographer Gamal Fahmy’s contribution to filmmaking in the region.


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