Jeddah Historic District Has Turned Into A Giant Art Gallery For A Cool New Event


Art and history lovers, listen up! Jeddah’s hosting its newest art event, called Balad Al-Fann, inside Jeddah’s Historic District. Events in AlBalad normally take place during Ramadan, but this time the fun has started early.

The entire area has been all jazzed up with art exhibitions, music gigs, theatre shows, tasty local grub, and fun stuff for kids to get into. It’s all about giving folks a deeper love for the local arts and history.

This event runs until March 9, 2024, so you better hurry, as it’s ending before Ramadan commences.


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And the best part about the Balad Al-Fann is that it’s diving deep into the cultural pool with contemporary art exhibitions, music jams, workshops, and even a nod to the traditional craftsmen who’ve shaped Jeddah’s cultural scene over the years.

The Jeddah Historic District is more than just a stunning locale—on a side note, Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie was shot in the area too. Anyway, the place has centuries of stories woven into its cobblestone streets. It’s like stepping into a time machine of art and history, and everyone’s invited to join the ride.


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