Jeddah’s Revamped Waterfront Lands A Guinness World Record


Jeddah’s ROSHN waterfront has always been super scenic, but it looks even better now with the revamp. Its iconic pavement too got a revamp, as it has now turned into a massive mural of sorts—16,000 square metres, to be precise. That’s pretty huge, and that’s why it landed a Guinness World Record for the longest painting on pavement.

Hundreds of artists and volunteers worked together and, in just one week, transformed the entire walkway at the ROSHN Waterfront into a massive mural.

This project wasn’t just about breaking records, though. The waterfront is already a popular spot for Jeddah residents, with over 55 million people visiting it every year to exercise, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous views of the Red Sea. Phew, that’s a lot!

So next time you’re taking a walk on it, know that you’re literally walking on art!

And who knows? This might just inspire other creative projects that pop up around the city.

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