K-Pop Boy Band ATEEZ’s Vocalist Hongjoong Tries Al-Rabie’s Juice And Saudi Twitter Goes Into A MELTDOWN As A Result


Trust K-pop fans for taking their stars seriously *like very seriously*, so just an ordinary video of K-pop boy band ATEEZ’s singer Hongjoong trying Al Rabie’s juice has gone viral. Saudi k-pop fans couldn’t believe it.

ATEEZ were in Jeddah for a concert last week and Hongjoong probably got his hands on Al Rabie’s juice then.

K-pop fans started posting about shopping for Al Rabie’s juices – the very same one to be specific that Hongjoong tried.

Many wanted Al Rabie to sign him on as an official brand ambassador.

Word clearly reached Al Rabie as they tweeted this catching on to the Twitter trend.

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