Lionel Messi Urges World Cup Fans To Visit Saudi


Qatar will be seeing hundreds of thousands of tourists in the coming few days, many of whom will be coming from far-off corners of the world. With people already taking such long-haul flights to watch the World Cup, why not just visit the wonders of Qatar’s neighbour, Saudi Arabia? It’s not us who are saying that, it’s Lionel Messi who’s suggesting it.

Messi who is the official tourism ambassador of Saudi Arabia, shared a photo from Jeddah with the floating mosque in the background.

He writes in the caption, “If you are going to the World Cup, do not miss all the wonderful things that will happen in Saudi Arabia.”


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Just an FYI, holders of the Hayya card for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be allowed entry into the country. They do, however, require prior medical insurance to do so.


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