Makkah’s Robot Vacuums Are Back To Clean To Perfection Before Hajj 2022

Hera Shabbir

Did you know that Makkah has it’s very own robot-cleaners that clean the roof of the Holy Kaaba? The cleaning happens on an annual basis and looks super cool

The General Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques resorted to this method for sanitization of the Kaaba during the COVID-19 outbreak. The vaccum can cover a total area of 180 square meters and contains a 250-mililiter water resorvior. The bots consist of three different speeds that work through artificial intelligence maps.

The robots can be operated through an application or manually and last around three hours

These bots are placed in designated areas to clean the roof in a 20-minute process. The whole process of cleaning the Kaaba begins with sweeping the roof of dust and bird droppings, with water. Makkah is welcoming over 1 million visitors for the Hajj season this year, which is the highest number since the COVID-19 outbreak.


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