Newcastle United Urges Its Fans To NOT Wear ‘Middle East Inspired Head Coverings’


If you’ve watched Newcastle United’s Premier League match earlier this week, you can’t help but notice the amount of people wearing the shimag. Okay, not all of them wore it properly and some wore tea towel and tried to pass that off as a shimag.

In light of this the club has issued guidelines for those who normally do not wear such headresses to avoid it as it may be culturally inappropriate.

A club statement said: “Newcastle United is kindly asking supporters to refrain from wearing traditional Arabic clothing or Middle East-inspired head coverings at matches if they would not ordinarily wear such attire.”

Fan groups, on the other hand, have claimed to wear it in light of the takeover of the club by a consortium led by Saudi Arabia’s PIF earlier this month. This takeover was much celebrated by fans who saw this as a possible rejuvenation of the club just as Manchester City and Chelsea had after their takeovers by owners willing to shed money on hiring the best of talents.

But is it really inappropriate? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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