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Over A Dozen New Adventure Sports Have Been Brought To Saudi For The Very First Time At Jeddah’s Ritzy Yacht Club

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Like layers of onion slowly peeling one after the other, new experiences are being added to the Jeddah Season roster with each passing day keeping us busy weekend after weekend. The newly opened Jeddah Yacht Club has added a slew of experiences in the past few and some of these are being done for the very first time in Saudi.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room that is the talk of town – shark cage diving.

We all know the Red Sea is teeming with sharks, but this is probably the first time you’ll get to see one up close.The ticket is pricey though costing an eye-watering SR 1,285.

There’s a host of different foiling experiences that you can try with prices ranging from anywhere between SR200 to SR300.


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You can even ride the seas like a dolphin on a Seabreacher.


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If yachts are your thing then the Volvo yacht experience has to be on your Jeddah Season bucket list.


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Ever ridden an amphicruiser? If you haven’t yet, you can now. Right here in Jeddah.

Tickets for all of these like all the other Jeddah Season experiences can be bought on the TicketMX website.

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