People Are Considering This Rock In Saudi To Be The Split Rock Of Moses


A photo of a rock that’s split in two almost through its centre has been shared widely in the past few days by a number of Facebook pages claiming that this is the rock where, according to Abrahamic tradition, Prophet Musa (Moses) struck, and twelve springs sprang out.

This rock has been time and again covered as a possible location for the occurrence of the miracle, but with it resurfacing into public memory again, now is a good time to relook into the claims.

The rock is located in an area that’s pretty much desolate today.

The whole landscape surrounding the rock, however, is stunningly beautiful.

There is another area about 60 kilometres from here, near the village of Maqna, where springs do gush forth from the ground. The area is home to a small oasis, though. But like mentioned earlier, it’s not in the immediate vicinity.

If this has piqued your interest, here are the Google Maps coordinates: 28.72662909445359, 35.23590806412716


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