Pilgrims Will Get To Hop On A Self-Driving Bus This Hajj Season Featuring Eco-Friendly AI

Hera Shabbir

The Kingdom is always up and ahead when it comes to facilitating the millions of pilgrims that flock the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. Aside from their top-tier facilities to host these visitors throughout the year for Umrah, the Kingdom has now stepped up their game and announced electric buses for all Hajj pilgrims during the Hajj 2023 season. The Saudi Transport General Authority (TGA) will soon introduce these cool busses for the general public.

Each bus can seat 11 passengers, can operate continuously for 6 hours, and can go up to 30 kilometers per hour


The bus will cover around six different routes and aims to lessen the travel-time for all pilgrims wanting to visit the holy sites. The cities of Makkah, Mina, and other holy sites around the region welcome MILLIONS of pilgrims per-season that need to be facilitated. Therefore, in order to ease travel and lessen the carbon footprint of heavy vehicles, the Kingdom launched this awesome smart-bus that runs on artificial intelligence, cameras, and sensors that work together to go along specific routes in the cities.


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