Police Dogs Will Detect COVID-19 Positive Cases Across The UAE


Unlike the average pup, dogs are actually incredible superheroes. From assisting the blind community to being specialized K9 police dogs, what sets them apart, are their unbelievable sense of smell.

Due to their outstanding ability, they’re able to alert their owners are falling ill, like when their blood sugars drop. It was announced mid 2020 that k9 units are being trained, well now it’s time for the hard work to be put to action.

The Ministry of Interior in the UAE have launched a special unit of K9 police dogs

This special mobile unit of K9 police dogs will help to detect COVID-19 positive cases across the country

The dogs have been trained in detecting COVID-19 in people in an effort to support the work of frontline healthcare workers. They will mainly be deployed at major events with a large attendance sheet.

The ministry carried out an experiment to test the high speed sampling of suspected COVID positive cases. People would take a sample from their armpit and submit it to the team of healthcare provided. They would then collect the samples, place them in a funnel shaped cone for the dogs to sniff out. The process is carried out to avoid direct contact between the dogs and suspected cases.

According to a study found by Gulf News, stated the high levels of accuracy of detecting COVID-19. The study showed that from a sample of 1,000 people at COVID-19 screening centres, the dogs’ detection were 98% accurate with the PCR test results.

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