Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal’s Photos From The Saudi Desert Will Give You Just The Inspo You Need To Go Desert Camping


Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal who has time and again shared his love for the Saudi desert—he apparently goes camping in the desert every week.

He shared photos from his recent camping trip to the undulating sand dunes (presumably on the outskirts of Riyadh) with his over 15 million followers on Twitter.

They’ll probably just make you finally go on the desert camping trip with the fam that you’ve been inevitably postponing.

Camels can be pretty friendly animals too.

Sunsets at the beach are amazing, but only until you see one in the desert!

Prince Al-Waleed is also a significant investor in Twitter, which Elon Musk has again shown interest in buying. Let’s see how that will play out this time around.


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