Riyadh Is The World’s Choice: Expo 2030 Will Take Place In Saudi


Riyadh’s the world’s choice now. The capital has clinched the bid to host Expo 2030, and it’s causing a buzz around the country.

The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) spilled the beans on November 28, officially declaring Riyadh as the host of the global extravaganza.

What’s extra special about it taking place in 2030 is that it aligns perfectly with the ambitious Vision 2030 program the country has embarked upon.

In the run-up to the expo bid, Saudi Arabia had garnered support from over 100 countries. Riyadh was up against places like Busan and Rome.

Riyadh’s winning theme, “The Era of Change,” promises a global shindig of sustainability and collaboration. The proposal was so ambitious that it’s almost going to be unlike any other expo ever—the world looks like it’s in for something truly special.

Expo 2030 will take place between October 2030 and March 2031, and the city in those months will be turning into a hotspot for innovation, cultural exchange, and probably the best food fest ever.


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