Saudi Arabia Celebrated World Day For Cultural Diversity This Weekend


Saudi Arabia has highlighted its participation within World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development to encourage dialogue between all cultures and communities based on respect and mutual understanding. Here for it!

The Kingdom’s participation is aimed at promoting convergence and openness to human cultures

Saudi Arabia is exerting efforts to serve culture and sustainable development in a way that avails the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 reform plans, which reflects the power of culture and its heritage, implementing ambitious initiatives to develop and preserve the cultural sector.

The World Day for Cultural Diversity falls on May 21

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The first edition of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Film Festival has been delayed and this means the organizers are still inviting movie submissions for the event’s launch later this year.

The festival is going to take place in Jeddah’s historic downtown Al-Balad area – a UNESCO World Heritage Site from November 11 to 20

The first edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival, titled “Metamorphosis,” will bring together local filmmakers, movie enthusiasts, and international industry leaders.



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