Saudi Arabia Gets The World’s First 3D-Printed Mosque


If you thought 3D printing was for small-time classroom projects, think again, ‘cus Jeddah just got a whole mosque made using 3D printing. And it’s actually pretty big, covering about 5,600 square metres!

And, guess what? It’s already open for prayers!

The mosque was built by the prominent businessman Abdulaziz Abdullah Sharbatly’s wife, Wajnat Abdulwahed. The design is super serene that draws on Hejazi architecture to make for something so modish with loads of natural light streaming in. Plus, those minarets? Totally unique and eye-catching.

Located in the Al-Jawhara neighbourhood, the mosque took about six months to build.

By the way, Dubai is also building a 3D mosque, but that’s set to be completed in 2025.


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