Saudi Arabia Makes Premium Residency Available For 5 More Categories Of People


Saudi Arabia has just made premium residency accessible to five more categories of people. They’ve got slots now for skilled people (think specialists and executives), talents in arts and sports, investors, entrepreneurs, and property owners.

Here’s the lowdown on what a premium residency gets you: Bag the permit, and you’re set to live, work, and enjoy perks like ditching expat and dependents fees.

You’ll be able to own businesses and properties without a sponsor. Residential, commercial, or industrial—take your pick, except in Makkah, Madinah, and border areas.

Premium residents can jet in and out freely, which means no need for exit and re-entry visas. Permit holders can also call their families here.

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These permits cost $26,665 (SR100,000) for a one-year plan, or there is a lifetime one at $213,320 (SR800,000).


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