Saudi Astronaut Rayyanah Barnawi Flew Her Grandmother’s Earrings Into Space


Rayyanah Barnawi has been making waves in this part of the world after becoming the first Arab woman to make it to the International Space Station. Luckily for earth dwellers, she’s been sharing updates on Twitter about her experiences high up in space.

Her recent post is a message for her grandma—she’s taken her earrings to space.

On the work front, Barnawi has conducted groundbreaking experiments focused on nanomaterial therapeutic applications. Her research delved into areas such as drug delivery, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine, opening new frontiers in the world of medical science.

Notably, Barnawi accomplished a significant milestone by producing the first DNA nanomaterials on the ISS, marking a triumph for her and the entire Axiom team.

Barnawi is not just reaching for the stars, she’s reshaping the boundaries of science! Way to go, girl!

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