Saudi Citizens Can Now Travel To The UK On A SAR50 Visa


The UK has just become more attractive for Saudi travelers, as it has made it way more affordable for Saudi citizens to travel to the country. The new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme, basically costs just £10, is valid for 2 years, and allows multiple entries.
Apart from Saudi citizens, the new ETA scheme has also been extended to citizens of the Gulf states and Jordan.

Previously, GCC nationals had to pay £30 per visit under the Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) scheme, and Jordanian nationals had to shell out £100 for a visit visa.

The UK government is rolling out the ETA scheme in phases. It will first launch for Qatari nationals in October 2023 and then extend to the rest of the GCC states and Jordan in February 2024.

Applying for an ETA will be a breeze. The process is entirely digital and can be done through a mobile phone app. Travelers will need to provide their biographic and biometric details, including a digital photograph, answer a set of suitability questions, and voila, they’ll be granted an ETA in a jiffy.


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