Saudi Schools Will Soon Start Teaching Music And Theatre In Classrooms


Up until now, music and theatre were pariahs in the classrooms of Saudi schools. But that’s all set to change thanks to a major overhaul by the ministry of education.

But the initial rollout of these music and theatre classes will not be for all students. They’ll be limited to kids in kindergarten and first grade. So it’s the little ones that will be jamming to tunes and exploring the world of theatre—at least for now.

To facilitate this transformation, education advisor Abdulatif Al Hamadi revealed plans to train 8,000 female teachers in the field of music.

But wait, there’s a bigger picture here. Online portal Sabq reported that this whole thing is about discovering talents early on. They’re hoping to find some future stars right from the start and help them shine.

Al Hamadi also also mentioned some shakeups that will happen for students in secondary school. Students can expect to see new subjects such as earth sciences, space, and event management when schools reopen next week.

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