Saudi Student Itizaz Alnefaie Has Become A National Sensation After Her Win At The World Mental Arithmetic Competition

Hera Shabbir

Itizaz Alnefaie has made Saudi proud with her second place win at the World Mental Arithmetic Competition and is becoming SUPER popular for it

Just a few days ago, Alnefai wowed the masses with her major arithmetic skills. Up against hundreds of other pupils from over 25 countries, Alnefai solved problems in seconds, winning second place at the competition.

Alnefaie actually BROKE the world record by solving 100 problems, completing each in just seconds

The sensation was also just welcomed by the Tabuk Governor Prince Fahd bin Sultan, who was all smiles to meet her. The prince also offered Alnefaie his personal pen as a gift!

After seeing the video of her AMAZING solving skills, Itizaz has won Twitter’s hearts with hundreds of positive and supportive tweets.


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